The Palace

This site is a place to download files for The Palace. Later on it will also be for our palace server. We are also offering free email at Free Email. You can sign up for a web based email account with 6 megs of space. Free email forwarding coming soon.

To use The Palace you will need to download the software from here. Once you have downloaded the software you should register it here. Then go The Palace Portal directory and find a palace.

Welcome to the Palace - a vast online community of graphical interactive sites. With the Palace User Software client as your gateway, the variety of Palace destinations you can explore is limitless. You can visit a diverse range of communities such as business, training, and learning resources; entertainment and gaming centers; gathering points for special interest groups; and also personal sites where you simply can go to chat and socialize with friends and family. If you download the Palace Server, you can even build and customize your own personal Palace site to host other people. An eight-user

version is available for free on the Palace website (Download Palace Client).

One of the best things about the Palace is that it is an open system, letting you create and control much of your site’s content. The Palace User Software client not only functions as a front-end to browse the Palace community, but also does double-duty as a full-fledged authoring tool. By using the built-in "operator powers", available Palace tools, and the Iptscrae scripting language, you can create your own virtual world and share it with others. The system also ensures that all Palace sites can be interlinked. This means that you can build new rooms and sites, and then connect them to other Palace sites using various networking options. You can even create links between Palace sites and web pages, making it all that much easier for people to find you!

The Palace community is a client/server system, with Palace sites running on individual computers, local area networks, and the Internet. You enter a Palace site through your Palace client, which is designed to communicate with any Palace server running on another (or even the same) computer. This is similar to the way your web browser interfaces with "web servers" while surfing the Internet.

The Palace allows users to communicate effortlessly over various types of networks. You can run your Palace software on either a TCP/IP-based LAN or on the Internet via a SLIP or PPP connection. Palace sites running on Local Area Networks hooked to the Internet will allow interaction between people on the LAN and folks coming in via the Internet.

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