Fixes and The Escapade

Noticed a few download links didn’t work they have been fixed. Anything Else not working just send a message and I will try and get to it. Trying to get The Palace server up and running ago. Having troubles with the router and port forwarding. It might be up right now don’t have anyone to connect to it and test. Try connecting at palace://


I have been reading around some palace sites and found this. Most Palace seems pretty dead right now but here something new. Some is working on a Flash version of Palace. Hope this help with the current palace community. Here what their web site says. This could be a good replacement in the future instant palace. Open source is good too 🙂 The website is

OpenPalace is a free, open source client application for The Palace, a 2d graphical avatar chat platform. It is available as a desktop application built on the Adobe Air platform, and also as a browser-based version, meant to replace the aging InstantPalace client. The project is still under heavy development, and I have only my spare time to work with, so your patience while I prepare the first public release is appreciated. Until then, you’re welcome to try out the web-based version. Because of security restrictions in the flash player, it will only connect to my test palace at

Palace tool Directory site gone.

Not sure why I haven’t paid much attention to palace for awhile. This was a good site for finding palaces and had the best listing. I am going to add a directory of palaces. I don’t have much time right now but a good site for anything to do with palace right now seems to be They have forums and all that you would except from a site. Lots of info on palace. Some spots need updating Found some broken links.

Back Online

This site will being changing a lot as I have time to update it. For now it will just be my personal site. Changed the news section to word press. Forum is now using SMF. Working on redoing the layout and getting everything to work again. If there is anything you would like to see added just ask. Downloads for The Palace are working most of the other areas need work.

Merry Christmas Phalanx 4.0.0 Release Candidate 1

Phalanx Visual Chat
version 4.0.0 Release Candidate 1

Merry Christmas! Hope you enjoy our present to you. We bring you the first release candidate of Phalanx that is out of the beta stages. We hope you enjoy the additional features of iptscrae and authoring support along with an over all improved client.

Thank you for the continued support. We hope everyone has a happy holidays.

Here’s a list of what’s new since 3.9.6:

August 19th 2005
* ———————————————————–Prop generators (don/doff prop, setprops)
* Addlooseprops (chess/checkers)
* Chatstr modification (surfs up)
* Gotoroom (non-‘passage’ doors)
* Added Dupe for Propbag
* Propbag checkerboard optional
* themes now powered by GDI+ (bmp,gif,jpg,png)

September 2nd 2005
* Paint commands
* Spot-state commands
* Scripted animations should work,
* Quite a few games work, all types of prop gens now work (that have been tested).
* Instead of the Palace / {atom list} to execute scripts via the chatbox, in Phalanx this has been implemented as ~ipt (atomlist}.

September 30th 2005
* Added “Denied by Server” protocol, “rrEs”, “sErr”
* Fixed Door Trans to match Palace door Trans
* Fixed “Spot location” protocol “sLoc”, “coLs” moving bug, this would crash if door id > nbr doors or random doors to move around